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The C-Dax Story...

"Providing customers with innovative, functional, and quality products has always been what we live for."

"As a specialist manufacturer of ATV accessories, we've pioneered innovative and practical agricultural capability for the ATV, enabling farmers to meet the challenges they face everyday. From our beginnings we've aspired to achieve this with the design and manufacture of responsible application solutions for farmers and growers.

Our core C-Dax products are primarily focussed around agri-chemical sprayers and broadcast fertiliser spreaders for use with ATV’s, and also for grounds care markets. However, moving into technology products such as the C-Dax Pasture Meter has enabled us to further strengthen our position as an innovation leader.

Our product designers spend extensive time in the field in order to understand operating conditions, safety issues, and the performance standards that C-Dax products must meet and exceed.

Thoroughly tested to our national and international markets demanding conditions and high customer expectations, C-Dax products are a testimony to the depth of innovative and creative capabilities that will ensure we remain the partner of choice with farmers throughout the world." - C-Dax


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