Pressure Cleaners

RE 109
RE 109
Compact, lightweight and portable cold water cleaning unit for the home.

Technical Data

Model RE 109

Pressure (psi) 1595

Motor Power (W) 1700

Max Water Throughput (L/min) 6.3

Weight (kg) 17.7

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RE 119
RE 119
Ideal for heavy duty cleaning jobs around the home.

Technical Data

Model RE 119

Pressure (psi) 1813 max

Motor Power (W) 2100

Max Water Throughput (L/min) 6.7

Weight (kg) 19.2

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Suited to heavy-duty domestic jobs or lightweight commercial applications.

Technical Data

Model RE 129 PLUS

Pressure (psi) 1959

Motor Power (W) 2300

Max Water Throughput (L/min) 7.0

Weight (kg) 20

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The RE 163 PLUS offers excellent performance and now supplied standard with a very handy hose winder for a tidy work area. You can even operate it without unwinding the hose.

Numerous smart features on the RE 163 Plus will make life easier for the user such as; retracting handles, cable tidy & front opening storage compartment for storage, and even a storage bracket for the dismantled lance.

Internally it has a high quality induction motor and pump with ceramic coated stainless steel pistons for a longer wear life.

The power is automatically cut-out when not in use to save electricity and wearing parts.

The RE 163 PLUS has an extra handle at the base to make lifting easier as well as a hose reel to simplify packing up when the work has finished.

Got a big job to do the RE 163 Plus is the solution.

Features & Benefits
� Collapsible handle for easy storage
� Fan-jet nozzle
� Easy to connect anti-twist lance couplings
� Hose reel for hose storage
� 12 meter steel reinforced hose
� Auto power cut out when not in use
� Maintenance free lifelong lubrication
� Front nozzle compartment
� Pressure gauge
� Sporty wheel design
� Fold out detergent tank

Technical Data

Model RE 163 PLUS

Pressure (psi) 1740

Motor Power (W) 2400

Max Water Throughput (L/min) 7.8

Weight (kg) 27.5

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